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Picnic in Nature


A more simple experience..

From 110 € for 2 pp



The most requested set up..

From 170 € for 2 pp 



For special occasions..

From 240 € for 2 pp

Picnic in Park_edited.jpg


Birthdays, hen parties, etc..



All the extras you can add to personalise your picnic /event. 




Coming soon..

Important Information

All the picnics  have a surprise factor.

Everything will be assemble for you and your partner/guests, just before the booked time, and collected after you finish. If you are having a secret picnic, please don’t arrive before the booked time , all is being prepared until the last minute, to ensure that everything is absolutely fresh at the time of your arrival.
Each picnic has the duration of 2 hours. After those 2 hours a member of staff will collect the decoration. If you desire extra time please ask in advance. A fee will be charged.
We cannot control many of the variables that make a Secret Picnic so special- like the location, weather, or even privacy, depending on the place that you choose.
We ask you to keep this in mind when booking. The person that books this service, assumes all inherent risk and responsibility for themselves and their guests when booking. Please share all information with your guests before arrival, to ensure the best experience possible .We are not responsible for any loss,  physical, personal, monetary or otherwise due to the unfollowing of these rules.

Not all  public locations ( public parks, beaches, cliffs.. ) will allow to set up a picnic. Many of them require a licenseAlso during high season it can get difficult to get licenses on short notice. License fees, if requested by the local authorities, will be charged separatly, accordingly.
We operate mainly in the Lagos area, but can provide our services within a range of 60km, transport fees apply.

 If you wish to have a picnic at your hotel garden, you also need to request permission to the hotel.

Thank you for understanding. .

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