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Here is a list of things you can add-on to your set-ups to make them even more special.

In this area you can find things from  decorative items to food and drinks, from games to photographers, everything that you need to personalise your experience and make it unforgettable !


Don’t miss a special moment with our amazing photographers! From photoshoots with friends to gender reveals or hen parties, a photographer is a great add-on for all special occasions. From 150€ to  250€ an hour session (depending  on the photographer available). 



We have some games available to add a bit more fun to your party.

  • Card game-Cards Against Humanity- 15 €

  •  Uno - 10 €

  • Jenga-10 €

  • Giant Mikado- 10€

  • Brides to be games.- 10€


Food and drinks

Birthday cakes: We can order a birthday cake for you from a bakery from 22€/kg, ou we can put you in contact with some local cake designers for you order a personalised cake . Usually a design cake starts from 45€ /kg.


Private location

If you want full privacy , there are some places with beautiful sea view that we can hire for you. Contact us to check availability. 

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